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Space Rage , Rage Series Reboot Volume 1 (Spiral Bound)


Space Rage is the first Volume in the Rage Series (Reboot). This is the dedicated sci-fi setting for the Rage Series. The unique d20 only Rage Series Combat system insures no more tedious multi-hour long combats for your role-playing nights.

11 Character Types are available including options for "multi-classing" your characters. Fleets of ships are at your disposal and along with aircraft and ground forces. Campaigns can be played on a small scale or the system allows for epic space opera sized fleet engagements, the choices are your!

This 114 page game pack includes all of the rules necessary to play the game, design your own fleets, aircraft or ground forces. A campaign generator is included, sci-fi treasure list and solar system & world creation system. Space Rage pits humans and aliens against each other and against the predations of the vile Daemon. Over 100 capital ships, dropships and star-fighters at your finger tips plus options for modifications. Expanded Critical Hit-Fumble & Martial Arts table for Combat.

As with all Core Games within the Rage Series, this product is designed to be used as a stand-alone product OR in conjunction with the rest of the series. All rules are designed for compatibility from game to game so you can mix sci-fi & fantasy & modern and create a multi-verse of your own choosing!

ISBN: 978-0-9833032-0-6

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