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AP: PakTribune -- Chilas 2015

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AP Dateline: Chilas, Pakistan

9 March 2015

Officials in Pashawar have confirmed that militant activity in Chilas has dropped drasticly in recent days. An unknown paramilitary group had struck at militant Taliban positions within the town of Chilas for four days. Civilians casualty numbers have been sctechy, with Pakistani government officials claiming the unfortunate loss of a dozen people, while the Taliban claim that the unwarranted attack caused the deaths of 150.

The Pakistani government itself has cofirmed that 50 Taliban fighters and an equal number of Afghan insurgents were killed during the fighting. It appears that a small group of perhaps 5 to 10 individuals has caused the destruction within the town. The Pakistani government continues to deny its involvement as does the United States government which is currently dealing with serious issues within its own borders.

Eyewitness reports after the fighting ended confirm that a transport helicopter and ground attack helicopter both left the local airport on March 12th around midnight. No loses were suffered by the paramilitary group. Locals have refused to discuss any witnessed activity beyond that, possibly out of fear of reprisals from the group or from the Taliban.

We will continue with news of these events as they unfold.

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