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About Us

Richard Green

Level 25 Manager, +5 Design, +3 Multi-tasking,  +3 Cooking, -13 Patience


He's been playing and designing house-rules RPGs for over 30 years now (exact age unknown).  When not working on new game material, he's studying for a Master's Degree and chilling with four great offspring, an incredibly patient wife and three small critters of varying though very small size.  He's the sometimes annoying one who sent his first text message after 2006 and still believes that paper is the way a book was meant to be read.  While not the sole cook in the house, he can dirty a stove with the best of them.

Nicholas Huth

Level 20/20 Multi-classed GM & Player

+5 Design, +3 English, -4 Brewing


As you might suspect, he doesn't brew his own brews.  Like the rest of us he relies on someone else for that.  He's been with Nerd Rage since day one and when not contemplating new and destructive forces for the Rage Series he continues to work on his BA.

BJ Lewis

Level 23 Player & Plantologist

+5 Design, +4 Deck-stacker, -4 Allergens


A player and GM himself for about a decade, he's the man in the know for all things Kudzu.  When not working on the next installment of the Rage Series and dodging pollen spores he's continuing work on his BA.

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