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Nerd Rage Games hopes the New Year and the holidays have treated everyone well.  Our work continues on Supplement 5.    In this installment, there will be an indepth look at the background and history of Alliance.  We also have a host of new Character Foci in the works as well as new weapon options for Medieval Rage spcifically and new group based Skills coming too.  Also in the pipeline are two entirely new card games, one is in playtesting and the other is getting ready.

What is the Rage Series?

Our innovative game system requires a single d20 to play, a pencil, and something that acts like a calculator (there is after all, an app for that) and a sheet of graph paper usually helps.  The d20 Only Rage Series system allows for quick results and an end to tedious hour-plus long Combat round during game play.  Let your adventures get back to the adventure!  With the d20 Only Rage Series system, there's no more hour-plus long combat rounds.  Game play is quick and lets you get back to the basics of story-telling and adventure!

Our goal is to provide high quality gaming tools to gamers on a budget.  Our games are designed for gamers by gamers, with a decidely vintage RPG feel.  Currently we have 3 separate Core Packs available to customers in the form of the Rage Series(c) of games.  The Rage Series include Space Rage (our sci-fi rpg), Medieval Rage (fantasy rpg) and War Rage (modern combat rpg).  Each of these Core Packs is a 90 to 110 page book and includes all of the rules and information you need to play.

The wild part of all this, is that all of the Core packs are designed to be played interchangeably.  If you want to have a sci-fi campaign with magic, use Space Rage and Medieval Rage.  If you want magic and the modern world you can use War Rage and Medieval Rage.  You can run all three at the same time!  You, the player, get to decide how your entire campaign is built from the ground up!  Role-playing games should never make you feel locked into a single choice and for starters with us you've got three!

Nerd Rage Games continues to expand our product line.  Further supplements are in the works for all Volumes of the Rage Series.


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