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Supplement 3: Rage Series Reboot (for Space Rage)



This 125 page sprial bound Supplement is Space Rage specific.

Five years have passed, and the Daemon are on the move. Massive fleets containing the largest warships seen in modern times are plying the spacelanes and world after world are falling before them. Can any government stand in their way?

Contained within are expanded and reorganized technical charts for each of the races and governments in Space Rage. These include a host of new construction options: Dual-mount, Tri-mount and Quad mount engines and Dual and Quad shield configurations as well as vastly increased power out for weapons and shields.

New Player Races and sub-species (each with their own space craft technologies and capabilities).

New optional rules for Ship mounted weapons, Artillery and Small Arms in the Space Rage setting are included as well as new deflector shield usage charts. Dozens of new warships are included as well expanded storylines for each of the governments involved.

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