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War Rage, Rage Series Reboot Volume 3 (Sprial Bound)


War Rage is the third product in the Rage Series Reboot. It is a d20 Only system designed for quick action and an end to multi-hour long battles.

This is a near modern setting (2015) and the world is at war. This 94 page game pack includes surface naval fleet options, air forces options and ground forces. Options for character creation number over a dozen from Soldiers to Scouts and Psi-Ops to Pirates and Politicians. Multi-classing options are available as well creating nearly endless possibilities. A complete construction guide for new vessels and ground vehicles is included with extensive technology options. As well as being designed for use for a world conquering campaign, War Rage is equally designed for standard small group campaigns. A campaign generation chart is included. The skill list chart is expansive and designed to insure that your character always has the opportunity to grow and learn new things. Over 100 Naval vessels, aircraft and ground vehicles are at your finger tips. Greatly expanded and enhanced technology options for your campaign along with detailed and expanded Critical Hit, Fumble and Martial Art tables.

As with the rest of the Rage Series, War Rage is designed for use as EITHER a stand-alone campaign setting OR for use other Rage Series games. If you want alien in your modern setting, then mix the sci-fi with the modern, if you want fireball and against gun then ix fantasy and modern or mix all three. The rules are designed to be complete compatibility between games in the series.

ISBN: 978-0-9833032-2-0

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