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Medieval Rage, Rage Series Reboot Volume 2 (Sprial Bound)


Medieval Rage is a fantasy RPG set in the medieval period and is the second in the Rage Series of games. The d20 only system allows for simplified combat and game play meaning no more hour plus long battles to disrupt the flow of game play.

The 118 page game book includes: Players can choose from the likes of humans, elves, dwarves, faeries and orcs. Players can be Soldiers, Merchants, Sorcerers or Nobles. Each character type has expanded paths to choose from (Mercenary, Infantry, Cavalry, Thief, Smuggler, and the list continues). With sub-types for the individual character types you have nearly a dozen different character choices plus opportunities for multi-classing your characters. Over 150 spells, priest powers and runes are available in the Reboot. Greatly expanded and enhanced Critical Hit-Fumble-Martial Arts combat tables.

Medieval Rage Reboot Volume 2 also includes an integrated campaign setting for further options and gives new players and Game Masters something to work from... we are including the Lands of Aval within Volume 2! Additional races, spells and magical items abound!

Like the rest of the Core Books in the Rage Series, Medieval Rage is designed to be played EITHER as a stand-alone campaign setting or to be mixed with other Core games. If you want fireballs and lightning bolts in a sci-fi setting the mix those games together or aliens in your modern setting (a nod to conspiracy theorists everywhere) then mix those together or mix them all. A new multi-verse of options is at your command!

ISBN: 978-0-9833032-1-3

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