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Grey Database: Old Order date 38903

Posted by Nerd Rage Games on November 2, 2010 at 5:37 PM

Naval Station Illick'narish, System 17139

Retrieval Complete. Analysis Complete. Radiation Levels, within tolerances.

Scanning: Item Log Bouy, register Corvette Loki

Positon Data: Last Known Position of Loki, system 31421, Intergalactic Gateway 31

Data Retrieval Commencing...




Error... Retrieval Incomplete, Corruption of Data... System error... retriev... error...


What has happened?

Apologies Commander. The computer system appears to have become corrupted itself by the data contained herein. The Log Bouy is fully loaded with data, but we are now unable to access it. One Moment please. As I feared, we are also now locked out of our computer systems.

What? How?

Implanted programming from within the Bouy Commander.

... error ... environmental conrol failure ... emergency lighting on ... emergency power activat... error ...

We also now appear to be broadcasting a signal in the open Commander. Broadband transmission from the looks. It should be getting picked up by all ships locally. It is a data burst transmission Commander. All ships within the system will be affected by this as well now.

... error ... error ... error ...

Sensors and life support are now off line Commander.

Get an engineering detail working on the situation and get us manual operations restored until our systems can be purged.

Of course Commander, if they can be purged. I shall attend to it.

error ... error ...

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