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Grey Database: Old Order date 38911

Posted by Nerd Rage Games on November 2, 2010 at 5:36 PM

...decoding... decoding...

Downloading sensor logs... downloading...

... decrypting ...

Dropship Illish'harkum Registry 810317SGV


System failure Date 38905.11

Hull Breach, deck 3 forward, Hangar Bay, exposive decompression

Hull Breach, deck 3 mid-ships, Maintenance Bay, explosive decompression

Sesnor failure... bypass ... Weapon Systems failure ... bypass ... Maneuvering Systems failure ... Life Support Systems failure ... Weapon Systems failure ...

Hull Breach, deck 5 aft, Main Engineering, explosive decompression

Life Signs detected ... life signs failure ...

"Do we know how the fleet was destroyed? How were they all taken so completely by surprise?"

"We do not know sir. The scout ship Valik'Burish made the jump out of the system along with this wreck of a dropship. They ships were being picked off enmasse by Daemon forces when she arrived. The dropship was retrieved, being the closest to the scout vessel, but the crew of the dropship was already dead."

"So, whatever caused this to take place could happen again."

"A possibility Commander. We are still trying to access the dropship's memory core, but much of the system data itself appeasr have been courrpted and lost. It's a pile of programming jibberish. The programming language seems to make no sense at all and is frankly of a type I have not seen before."

"Continue to study what you can find out and report."

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