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Homecomings (Continued)...

Posted by Nerd Rage Games on November 2, 2010 at 5:35 PM

Warship Al-Akhtar X71319X

Preparations continue. We muster here awaiting further arrivals and confirmation of Rising point. The Fleet is well. We are well. Our human askaree continue training. Their new Combat Armor has been prepared and they are progressing better than we had hoped. They have the belief and it makes the strong. Only when the end comes they will see they were but adat (tools). They were told the same things we were told in the beginning, in the early days. But weak ears hear small things, so I shall not discuss it here.

The new Combat Armor has been fashioned in the form they themselves have used for untold generations now. The suits are akhdar (green) and the metal pressed into the form of the leaves of the great jungles of Awwal. Even the weapons take on the form of that which we use and they use...

Word has come. Ahhh. Yes. Our brethren have done very well. Mumtaz! The ikea is in place, and even now the new threat is being neutralized. Yes, the will of humans is easily bent.

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