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Alliance News Service: Piracy on the Rise

Posted by Nerd Rage Games on November 2, 2010 at 5:33 PM

Hendersonville Star, Venus Edition: 21 October 2259

"Piracy on the Rise"

The latest reports out of New Palestine have three super tankers now listed as missing in as many days. All vessels were on route to the core worlds when all contact was lost.

The super tankers were carrying an estimated 15 million barrels of Crude Oil each and would have been in home world space within the week. The development means not only the loss of nearly 150 million credits in revenue to New Palestine, but also raises even more worrisome issues. The Alliance Navy, tasked with protecting the vessels during transit, has reported that several small escort ships have likewise now been listed as missing.

Admiral Conway, operating out of the navy's forward operations base on New Palestine has already sent a battle group to investigate the losses but so far have turned up nothing. The Pentaran government has also been concerned about the recent spike in piracy as well, though this most recent loss by the Alliance is the first time naval vessels have been lost in what is theorized to be a high orchestrated act of piracy.

Less than two months ago, a merchant convoy on its way to U.N. territory found itself under fire from vessels unknown. But that disorganized pirate ban fled the area when it turned out the merchant ships were sufficiently armed.

The Alliance government is continuing to actively pursue all leads and has vowed to end piracy within Alliance space. A bounty of 5,000 credits for each pirate turned over to Alliance authorites has officially been sanctioned.

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