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ANW - New Year Begins with Bump

Posted by Nerd Rage Games on November 2, 2010 at 5:32 PM

New Year Begins With Bump

ANW (Alliance News Wire) -- Henddersonville, Venus

1 January 2260

Astronomers and Astrophycists working on the VLARS (Very Large Array Solar-System) have reported in a joint document a massive upsurge in gravitational fluctuations deep coreward in the Milky Way. What does this mean for average person in the Alliance? "We really don't know," said Gilbert Humbly, lead Astronomer for the Alliance Military Science Institute. "We have never seen data like this before and is frankly somewhat baffling."

Aubrey Melkin, head Physicist for GHI had one suggestion. "Fluctuations like this are normally seen when fleet ships complete an FTL jump bteween stars, but on a very small scale. These numbers are similar, but their scale is magnitudes larger. The only other thing that could rationally be argued was that it was a series of massive Supernova, but we have no corraberating data to go with such an assumption."

The Ministry of Military Affairs has had no comment on the possibility of this being caused by FTL-Jumps. "As with their theory of supernova, which is unfounded, the ftl-jump theory is likewise unfounded.

Researchers at the University of Mars have modeled the Daemon mothership derelict at the edge of the Erath-Venus system and even they claim that a ship that size would be insufficient to great the gravitational fluctuations seen.

At any rate, the event while interesting lies well beyond the range of Alliance or U.N. space and even possibly beyond the far side of Daemon space. Perhaps something is going on and it will divert Daemon attention from the rest of the galaxy. Perhaps this is the Universe's way of saying hello. Researchers will likely be looking for the root cause for decades to come.

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