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New Memberships Spur Recent Economic Boom

Posted by Nerd Rage Games on November 2, 2010 at 5:31 PM


ANW (Alliance News Wire) - Hendersonville, Venus

13 January 2260

New Membership Spurs Economic Growth

The addition of New France and New Lafayette to the Alliance has created a new upturn to already robust economy. New France, actually settled almost two decades ago by settlers from the former NAU (North American Union) territory of Quebec, gained formal membership nearly a week ago. New France is the largest new member since the addition of New Palestine shortly after the founding of the Alliance. New Lafayette is a new Alliance colony world settled by colonists from the Core Colonies along with persons fleeing the NAU back on earth.

New France has already managed to cement themselves in the light manufacturing sector of the Alliance thanks in part to the transplanting of most of the industrial heart of former Quebec to the colony world. Alliance Colonization Command reports that this effort was the second largest colonizaiton effort by their ministry since the founding of New Bangladesh some 40 years ago. The number of ships required for the move and the types used tied up the ministry for almost 4 years, even with the newer and larger Mayflower class Colonzation Transports.

The number of independent colony worlds in known space within the Milky Way continues to climb as well. The total number of confirmed independent colony worlds settled by humans and Pentarans numbers 23, though the number may actually be higher. None of the other races in the Milky Way have independent colony worlds perce' as their governing structures do not permit such things.

In other news, can the Hendersonville Commandoes hold off the New Hartsville Wildcats for the title?

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