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Mixnurtene - Andromeda (Present Day)

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Some time ago our scout ships began reporting joyous news. Our elders have made this officials today. The demons appear to have fled. We have been in contact elements of the remaining Grey enclaves within jump distance of our few worlds and they are reporting similar events.

The demon vessels have been massing for months around the gateways of the Progenitors. Now they seem to be on the move. Hundreds or perhaps even thousands of them have been appearing from around the galaxy. Over the last few weeks they began moving away, to parts unknown. Our best calculations place the last of their vessels leaving in a few days.

Those that remain of us here are already beginning to plan. The demons leaving may be greatest event in modern times. The most recent census reports our own numbers at only a few hundred thousand after the last of the skirmishes we suffered at the demon hands.

Our scout ships continue to spread the news to each world they come to with survivors!

New Fleets Unvieled - (Space Rage)

Posted by Nerd Rage Games on November 2, 2010 at 5:28 PM Comments comments (0)


ANS (Alliance News Service) - Hendersonville, Venus

27 January 2260

The Alliance Naval Command has unvieled it newest weapo in the fight against Daemon and regional priacy. The Shiloh II Corvettes promise to make short work of all comers of comparable size.The orignial Shiloh class vessels are slated fr decomissioning as they are replaced on a one-for-one basis by the new Shiloh IIs. The original Shilohs will be made available for sale on the open market after they denavalized, meaning most of the advanced weapons systems will be removed.

In related news, Alliance-Boeing has announced the completion of the first of a new class of civilian transport ship as well, the XS-1299 class. These vessel, based on the older Shiloh I design as is the Shiloh II, is currently the least expensive transport vessel available on the open market.

With this move, the Alliance regains some of the regional power house status it had lsot in recent years as technological gains of other alien races out-paced those of Alliance scientists. It also places the Alliance and Alliance-Boeing in more direct commercial competition with the Pentaran government which mas made huge gains in recent years.


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